Last Updated:

March 8, 2014


Start: Saturday 22 March, 2014
Finish: Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Group Show: Flow

Flow was initiated as a proposal to selected artists, architects, writers and designers. They were asked if they would be willing to digest an element of Frank Lloyd Wright’s (FLW) practice into their own and collaboratively make a lounge space at Store. The question is a leading one, as the contributors consider the issue of how to rub shoulders with a key figure in the history of any discipline.

In the case of Flow, FLW becomes a stand-in for architectural modernism as a whole. The intention is not to recreate one of his living rooms, but is understood as a push towards creating an all-encompassing environment and an interrelationship between fine art and design.

Benedict Goodwin’s reading bench produced for Flow, is both a response to a dog kennel created by FLW, and also a consideration of the role of gallery furniture in exhibition spaces. By creating a lounge in a gallery space, fine art is considered within a domestic and functional context.

Sebastian Acker
Connie Butler
Susanna Davies-Crook
Benedict Goodwin
Michael Goodger & Emma Wylie
Jo Hicks
Freddy Tuppen

Curated by Harry Lawson
Developed by Harry Lawson, Stephanie Farmer, Freddy Tuppen



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