Last Updated:

November 12, 2014


Start: Friday 14 November, 2014
Finish: Friday 19 December, 2014

Rob Lye: Early Confessions

ASC Gallery and STORE present ‘Early Confessions’ a solo exhibition by the artist Rob Lye. The exhibition is the culmination of a three-month residency at STORE. The body of work explores the intersections between language, architecture and sound through a series of new time based works.






Installation Shot One


'And I returned to looking, the way I was looking, before you were looking, at the way I was looking' (2014) Timber, Plasterboard.

'Is a map a memory ? Is a memory a map ?' (2014) three channel video presented on box monitors, 5.01, 4.22,4.58.

'The Errand Boy (2014) Broken LCD Projector


'On Silence' (2014) Installation shot

'Prelude' (2014) Timber off cuts

Installation Shot

'Live Seance' (Version Three and Four) (2014) HD Video,12.54