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November 30, 2012

Icarus Act II

Involving 41 architects and artists, Fragments of Icarus is a project divided into four acts. For the second act, ruined and re-imagined pieces from the first act (Bloomsbury Festival) create a scene which is designed to be explored. Their construction tests models of collaborative practice and proposes a field for mutual artistic and architectural exchange. The resulting immersive space intends to investigate architecture’s ability to manipulate its inhabitants, whilst acting as a model for the construction of filmic narrative.

The notion of collaboration has been lauded and liberally applied to contemporary art and design practice. Whether it is the collaboration of the producer, the viewer or the world at large, the meme of collaboration is rife. Yet it is always viewed as intrinsically democratic, politically correct and morally just. This is despite its ability to encourage sublimation of individualism, justify design by committee, and ratify coercion packaged as consultation.

To be able to interrogate both the production of and participation in collaborative work, filmic techniques are used. By utilising storyboarded steps to the production of architectural pieces, anarchic methods of collaboration are able to flourish. This built work then provides a framework for action and inhabitation, just as a script provides actors with direction for their movement and dialogue. In this way the public become puppets and the architects puppeteers.


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