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May 2, 2014


Started in 2014, the residency program is run by STORE associates to provide space and exposure for artists and collectives early on in their careers when finding studio space or opportunities to show work might be otherwise limited. Each residency is between 2-3 weeks and culminates in a show constructed and promoted jointly with STORE. This schedule results in a high-turnover of events and work, and creates an informal and vibrant studio environment.


The residencies are unpaid but also unrestricted in scale. Unlike institutional opportunities we provide no criteria to meet and no curatorial oversight. We have found that this combination encourages a high level of ambition and well visited, experimental and exciting exhibitions.


Rather than being connected thematically or within a larger agenda, the residencies relate to each other via the spaces they take place in. The participants must inevitably respond the context of working in a space in transition and the considerations of who has used it before, and who will use it next.


Residencies take place within STORE’s everyday framework and alongside its on-going educational program, resulting in a continual flow of expertise and constant exchange of ideas benefitting everyone involved. During STORE’s tenure at 32 Alfred Place between 2013 and 2014, a consistent stream of residencies took place, including fifteen artists and eight exhibitions in little over six months. We are hoping to build on this momentum in our next space, with the aim of providing a further eight residency opportunities within the next twelve months. We hope to extend the scope of the programme through the inclusion of a public and strongly marketed call for applications. We have also begun discussions with similar groups across the UK, with the aim of forming reciprocal partnerships and drawing in artists from further afield. Thus far, the programme has run with zero budget and any costs incurred have been recouped through donations at regular events.


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