Last Updated:

October 26, 2014



STORE School is an experimental model of art and architecture education that aims to facilitate the sharing of skills and knowledge between experienced practitioners and the surrounding communities. With a focus on highly collaborative spatial design and building projects, the courses often lead to large-scale installations and ambitious public performances.


With the aim to provide affordable art and architecture education, STORE school currently runs workshops and two-week summer courses. Often situated within challenging urban environments, STORE’s process of rigorous research, design and build has enabled a measured and creative regeneration of many disused spaces and brought new energy and inspiration to existing communities.


The courses offered by STORE are designed to build confidence in those prepared to challenge themselves in their conceptual, spatial and practical thinking and who are keen to work both independently and collaboratively.


STORE’s tutors are experienced, skilled and dynamic individuals from art, design and architecture backgrounds who are in search of alternative models of practice and education. They offer a highly diverse range of skills and knowledge, which in the context of the summer schools, enables ambitious spatial design and build projects while pushing the boundaries of conventionally categorised disciplines.


Forthcoming Schools & Courses: