Drawing Big – Bridge Academy Workshop

Over two days students at the Bridge Academy designed and built a series of sculptures to be permanently placed in the roof of the school. The students began the workshop by using view finders to create observational drawings of the surrounding city from the roof of the school. The students then scaled up the drawings onto thick card. These scaled drawings were then used to begin designing a 3D sculpture that could slit together. On the second day the sculpture designs were scaled up again and cut out of plywood, before the students painted their drawings onto the surface. The four sculptures were installed on the roof of the school above the main entrance.

Day I

8.40 – 9.15am: Introduction to STORE and workshop brief

9.15 – I0am: Drawing views through ‘portholes’ from Art Room balconies

I0am – I0.40am: Cutting out drawings and arranging into ‘nets.’ Then turning these into standup model sculptures

11 am – midday: Scaling up models onto large sheets of paper/ cardboard, cutting out and refining designs ( I :2 scale) Students are split into approx 5 groups of 5 – some models are combined

12.40 – 2.40pm: Marking out and painting shapes onto full-scale plywood

2.40 – 4pm: STORE tutors to stay and begin cutting plywood shapes

Day 2

8.40 – 9am: Review of work made so far

9 – I 0.40am:Assembling pieces, using various methods to attach together – wrapping/ drilling/ screwing/ slice joints etc

I I am – midday: Introduction to concrete casting with demonstration and mould making

12.40 – 2.40pm: Casting concrete bases for sculptures, to provide anchoring