Start: Monday 27 July, 2015
Finish: Sunday 9 August, 2015




Gillett Square, Dalston, London N16 8JN


London Summer School 2015: IN THE ROUND


STORE’s third London Summer School will be in based in Gillett Square in the heart of Dalston, one of London’s most energetic and creative neighbourhoods. We will design and construct a stage for a series of events and performances curated, choreographed and directed in collaboration with local residents and arts groups.

The stage will be designed and constructed by the students in collaboration with STORE Associates and under the guidance of experienced makers. Participants on the course will have the rare opportunity to develop a project all the way from concept through to construction and in doing so will develop a variety of skills from draughtsmanship to hands on making at a large scale.



This year we will be exploring the theme of The Circus. From the moment of its arrival in town, the circus is a spectacle of the exotic and the extraordinary. As the circus tent is constructed, anticipation builds until opening night when the wonders of the troupe are displayed in a spectacular performance. We will explore these notions of the exotic and the spectacular in the design process and the programming of performances for the stage.

Responding to this theme, we will design and construct a stage in the middle of the square. It will be a versatile structure in both form and function, responding to the needs of local partners who will be invited to put on events. The two weeks will culminate in a spectacular public finale to showcase the student’s work.



This course is open to students of all ages and with varying levels of experience. It will be of particular benefit to students interested in studying art, architecture or design at university level but also those currently enrolled in further education. Equally the course will provide an introduction to ambitious beginners with no design background.

STORE’s ethos of design through making ensures accessibility to those without extensive experience. Each and every student will be challenged imaginatively and creatively by set themes and by the scale of activities undertaken.


The lead tutors will be Freddy Tuppen and Greg Nordberg.


STORE has been running summer schools in the UK and overseas for the past 4 years and each year we see an increased intake of bursary students. Summer 2014 saw STORE work with Kids Company to offer free places for students who excelled in the arts but who ultimately could not afford it.

For our 2015 series of summer schools we are looking to greatly increase the number of students on scholarships. We hope to bring in 10 students on bursaries for our 2 week summer schools. We are aiming to offer scholarship prizes (each prize taking the name of the donor) to secondary schools, allowing each school to put forward a student who they believe is worthy of a place, based upon a criteria of endeavour, skill and financial circumstance.

Please follow this link to apply.


  • The school will run from 9am to 5pm every day.
  • Students will be expected to stay later as necessary in preparation of the final exhibition.
  • Students are not required to bring anything with them as all materials will be provided.


STORE In the Round Workshop aerial





STORE In the Round Students

STORE In the Round Construction

STORE In the Round Sewing

STORE In the Round Preshow


STORE In the Round Performance 4

STORE In the Round Performance 2

STORE In the Round Performance 1