Start: Monday 24 July, 2017
Finish: Saturday 5 August, 2017




London Summer School 2017: Gillett Suite

 The STORE London Summer School immerses students in a two-week collaborative design and construction project. Through material testing and immediate engagement with an active urban site, we will explore architecture, art practice and performance to understand the dynamics of public space while developing the skills to intervene effectively, creatively and sustainably.




For the third consecutive summer, Dalston’s Gillett Square will be our site, our classroom and our workshop.Students will be challenged to closely observe the daily shifts in the social, physical and immaterial environment of this uniquely animated space, and to consider these against long-term patterns of change and development.

Building on our understanding of diurnal cycles, we will go on to orchestrate a one-day festival, bringing together a range of community groups and local performers in a programme that is at once playful, inclusive and provocative. Working with thin shell structures, casting and composites, students will create a suite of mobile architectural interventions. As well as facilitating our climactic festival, these will be designed with a view to their enduring use and long-term adoption by users of the Square.

The Summer School gives students the opportunity to learn from and work alongside STORE’s diverse community of experienced practitioners, including artists, architects, set designers and writers. This allows us to offer a programme which considers architecture in terms of urbanism, performance and craft while giving students the chance to test their ideas in a real public environment.

The course will focus on design through full-scale prototyping and on-site testing. This year, we will be focussing on techniques for creating lightweight composite structures, using textiles, fibre-reinforced concrete and  (non-toxic) resins. Students will also be instructed in basic wood-working,

Through engaging in an ambitious group build, students will develop the confidence to lead and enjoy working with others. Throughout the two weeks, students will document and present their process and work through design critiques, photography and portfolio tutorials. It is our intention that students should leave the Summer School with the capacity to independently initiate and develop socially engaged design projects.