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Paper Craft Workshop, Bancroft’s School


BRIEF : Replication

Architecture is often replicated, especially within a strong historical context. These replications are however inevitably subjective and carry forward a selective set of features only. Participant in the workshop were asked to select spaces within the impressive architectural heritage at Bancroft’s to replicate as scaled down paper models.


Starting with an initial discussion of the school campus, students worked in groups to develop the models and the work was coupled with detailed tuition in paper craft. Students learned a range of modelling techniques, develop oral communication suitable for design process and practiced methods for effective group work. The workshop concluded in the assembly of the paper replicas into a model of the campus and a discussion of the work, all within a mere four hours.



09:00 Selection of spaces to replicate
09:30 Development of models in groups
12:45 Review and discussion of work
13:00 Finish



Viktor Westerdahl

Madeleine Kessler

Klaudia Kepinska


Bancroft's School Entrance

Bancrofts 02

Bancrofts 03

Bancrofts 12

Bancrofts 05

Bancrofts 06

Bancrofts 07

Bancrofts 08

Bancrofts 09

Bancrofts 10