Part of the furniture – weekend workshop

As part of STORE’s ongoing relationship Gillett Square, we ran a weekend workshop, held in the square, that investigated and explored a series of semi-permanent and permanent public furniture designs as part key research into how the square functions.

The Consultation

The project began with  a consultation with the Gillett Square Action group. This was a chance to listen to everyone’s relationship to the square, their critique of the current furniture, and their requirements for future street furniture.

The Weekend Workshop

The weekend workshop run by 5 STORE associates, alongside the students, explored the square, its inhabitants and how it works as a public space, before developing designs and constructing working furniture prototypes that will go back into the square

The Public Furniture feast

Finally the furniture designed and built during the workshop will be used next month to host a dinner for the students, action group and stakeholders in the square to discuss all of the designs, and whether it is possible that ideas may be taken forward as permanent solutions.