Start: Monday 3 August, 2015
Finish: Friday 14 August, 2015




Plac Trzech Krzyzy


Warsaw summer school 2015: One Day Parade

Parades are commemorative civic celebrations that mark a special day or event and take the form of a procession, often involving costumes, floats, inflatables and marching bands. Each parade takes a journey through the city and during its performance temporarily transforms its local urban environment.

This year the Warsaw Summer School will design, build and perform a parade on the streets of Warsaw. But before the parade can commence, a route must be found, costumes made, a mobile structure built and a performance choreographed.

The big finale – our ‘One Day Parade’ –  will commemorate our collective experience of a single day in Warsaw.

The parade is the architecture of the brightly-coloured, light-weight, mobile, temporary, big, elastic, inflatable, expandable, foldable.  TIME and MOVEMENT are crucial; the parade must be carefully choreographed and synchronised along the street.

The lead tutors will be Nina Shen Poblete, Christopher Burman, Ned Scott and Kevin Green.




This course is open to students of all ages and with varying levels of experience. The course will benefit students wishing to study art, architecture or design at university as well as those who are already involved in further education. Equally the course will provide an introduction to ambitious beginners with no design background.



  • The school will run from 9am to 5pm every day.
  • Students will be expected to stay later as necessary in preparation of the final exhibition.
  • Students are not required to bring anything with them as all materials will be provided.

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