Workshop – Hornsey School for Girls

This workshop explored the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the Tower of Babel . The first half of the day was spend designing and making a card, that would form one piece of a tower, through painting drawing and writing, each student painted. The themes explored in these designs came from Basquiat’s methodology of appropriating and marrying different media. The students then worked together to  create their own tower of Babel by connecting the different cards together.


Paula Strunden grew up in Germany and studied in Vienna and Paris before starting her Masters at The Bartlett. During her three years out she became interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality wondering how architects can actively contribute to the development of these new tools. Using time-based media and immersive techniques, Paula conjures an enigmatic interconnected nether world, where distance and time collapse and the gently throbbing bass of Kraftwerk pervades.

Stefania Tsigkouni  comes from Greece and is currently finishing her Masters in Architecture at UCL. Stef is interested in exploring the possibilities of timebased media as well as using fictional and magical realist narratives as alternative platforms that can critique and operate within spaces of political and social decay

Supported by UCL’s Widening Participation