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December 28, 2018


Start: Saturday 26 January, 2019
Finish: Saturday 26 January, 2019

Food Plates Workshop



FOOD PLATES is a playful workshop were you will be able to celebrate food and tableware at the same time. You will be making your own ceramic plates, collaging images and shapes of food on to the top surface of the plates.

With a variety of coloured clay you can create shapes of your favourite food, by simply pressing them into the slab of clay. This results into a humorous and abstract version of your meal, entertaining guest at future dinner parties.

Francesca Anfossi is a local artist her practice often involved collaboration and clay. Since her MA at the Slade School of Art Francesca has exhibited both nationally and internationally, participating in various creative collaborations. Her works has been exhibited as part of Studio Ceramic at Camden Arts Centre, and Goodbye Edelweiss at Concrete, Hayward Gallery London.

In 2017 Francesca spent an extended period of time in Morocco as part of the AIR program Sefrou; practicing games, cooking and sharing her creative experiences with the local youth community. Francesca is also the director of Rochester Square, a space in London to establish artistic collaborations, where she recently completed the installation of temporary ceramic facilities for recreational use by artists and others.

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The workshop is open to a maximum of 10 participants (age 10+) Participants can come and pick up the plates fired and glazed after 2 weeks. There is a £35,- fee, including materials [4 types of coloured clay, transparent glaze, firing].