A Mixed Reality Vision for Euston

Marie Walker-Smith
Mary Konstantopoulou

Join us for a 10 week course guided by designers Marie Walker-Smith and Mary Konstantopoulou. This is an opportunity to to design and create a series of mixed reality installations for Euston. You will be introduced to 3D digital software, VR design, 3D printing, drawing, model making and 1:1 prototyping skills. This series of 10 workshops will run through April and May as a combination of after school and Saturday workshops. This opportunity is open to 15 state school students (aged 16-18), applications from pupil premium students living in the area will be given priority. Designs from the course will be exhibited at an event at the end of the 10 weeks. This course is particularly useful for students who are considering studying Architecture, design or art at University.

To apply please contact us at

The deadline for applications is 10 March.

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